Welcome to my Mad Max Shrine .Here you will find the original script to Mad Max 2 :The Road Warrior. A small discription of each of the films. Some assorted photos from each of the movies. Please E-Mail me if you want something added and I will try to build a section on it or tell you were you can find it. You tell me what you want! Hope you enjoy my site.

Mad Max

The Road Warrior

Beyond Thunderdome


Name says it. If you have a Mad Max site please E-Mail me and I will check it out.

Mad Max FAQ The very best Mad Max site you have to check it out!

Dan Man Vs. Mad Max Another great site!Has a section about the NES Mad Max game.

Nightriders Mad Max Page One of the best sites about Mad Max a must see!!!

The Unofficial Mad Max Page Another great site

Falcon World Has lots of stuff about cars and some Mad Max stuff.

The Punisher Has Lots Of Files.

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